Chronic Inflammation ~ The cause of modern day disease

chronic Inflammation


Inflammation is THE leading cause for all modern day diseases! Watch the video above and learn the THREE causes of inflammation. If you are on your journey to true wellness, it begins here. Learning the anti-inflammatory lifestyle is THE way to remain healthy in this increasingly toxic world. For a more in-depth explanation of the cell and it’s function, check out our Up-coming events tab for our next class!

First you must REMOVE the things in your lifestyle causing inflammation. Remove bad fats, refined sugars and toxins. Toxins can be found in your home, air, food, water and medical choices.

Then you must ADD anti-inflammatory choices into your diet and personal care routine.

Things to remove:

Bad Fats:

Bad fats are any “man-made fat” that includes; margarine, canola oil, vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils. Replace them with healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil,  grape seed oil, and real butter. Refer to the nutrition guide for when and how to use these oils, to make sure you are not turning a good fat into a bad fat by heating it too much!

Refined sugars: 

Hey Ladies! If you want to age faster than anyone else in your neighborhood, eat sugar!! This is any of the “white” sugars or white bread and past products! Sugar is found in soda, snacks, ketchup, processed meats and candy, just to name a few! The white bread and pasta products are almost triple dangerous! Not only do they have dangerous sugars (cane sugar or High Fructose Corn syrup) added to them, the flour used to make them is on ONE element away from chalk! Did you know that if you poured “enriched” flour out on the street, not one animal would come to eat it? THEY have innate intelligence that tells them, that is NOT food! “Enriched” simply means that All of the living nutrients that were once part of that grain have been removed, and synthetic dead versions are then infused to replace it. You see, if any living nutrient is left in the product, it will have a natural life-cycle. That means it can and will go bad. That does not produce a long shelf life, therefore not producing a good enough profit ratio for the companies that make it. My question to you, do you live in a living body? Of course you do. So does it make sense to feed it dead things. No. And to top it all off, the companies have made sure the product is good and dead for the shelf life, they also need it to appear fresh and make you think it tastes good, so it is then infused with dangerous preservatives and flavorings. YUCK! Your body had NO IDEA how to process that, so it stores it. Yep, stores it right into your fat cells, and to MAKE SURE that toxin doesn’t get into your system, sometimes it will pack more fat cells around it! Sugars are making you FAT! Replace these toxic sugars with stevia or Xylitol, NEVER chemical sweeteners such as aspartame! That is also a chemical KEEPING YOU FAT!!! And replace these white breads and pastas with whole, sprouted grains. Refer to the nutrition guide for all your healthy options!


Toxins are found in many different sources, and I will be posting blogs on all the topics in the near future! Toxins are found in your food, like in the example above, your home, drinking water, the air we breath and even your medical choices.

Toxins in your food can also include from the meat you eat. REMEMBER, it’s not meat that is bad, its whats been DONE to the meat that makes it “bad”. Toxic meat is a killer! For a better option try to find a farmer near you that answers these questions; Are your cows 100% grass fed, AND Finished? “yes” Have your cows ever been vaccinated? “no” Have your cows been given growth hormones or antibiotics? “no”

All of these are common practices for the conventional meat sold to you in virtually EVERY grocery store, including health food stores! You want your farmer to answer the questions with the answers in purple. If they don’t know, or give you the opposite answer, leave! We have research all over and have found two options for you. If you are in the Charlotte area, you MUST use T&D farms! Farmer Todd is THE BEST, MOST TRUSTWORTHY, and UNCOMPROMISING! If you are not in this area and need a service to deliver to you, check out our Beyond Organic site.

Your home can have toxins anywhere from your flooring, furniture, house cleaning products to your personal care products. Check this video out on the top 10 toxic thingsin your home , and the top 5 toxic things under your roof! Also check out our blog, the un-sexy six, talking about top 6 toxic ingredients in your beauty products, written by licensed cosmetologist Faith Hill. Replace these toxins as quickly as you can, knowing it’s a process. I would start with your personal care products and house cleaning products. These tend to be things that come in direct contact with your skin, the most absorbent organ you have. We recommend a few companies for this. Check out Chartreuse for your home and skin care, and our holistic hair products tab for your hair care!

As you can see, the MAJORITY of inflammatory causing things are FOOD RELATED! This is GREAT NEWS! YOU have the absolute power to choose what you put in your body! That means YOU have the power to prevent AND down-regulate this massive killer!

Things to ADD:

Anti Inflammatory foods:

Foods like garlic, parsley, salmon, spinach, cilantro, flaxseed, cinnamon, turmeric, coconut, and avocados… might just save your life and reduce your wrinkles!

Most Anti-Inflammatory spices:

Hot Chile Peppers, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric,Onion Powder, Ginger Root, Curry, Fresh Garlic

Most Anti-Inflammatory vegetables:

Grape leaves,  Onions, Collards, Spinach

For a complete list of anti-inflammatory foods, check out our nutrition guide!

 Fresh Air and Sun

Get your 15 min of sun each day to NATURALLY raise your vitamin D levels! NATURES most powerful ANTI-CANCER nutrient! For mor information on this powerful vitamin click here.

Maximized Oxygen:

Get out and do some surge training! Short bursts of energy MAXIMIZE your weight loss hormone production and keep you burning fat for hours!! DO 20 second bursts of your move of choice, followed by 20 second rest. Do that for a total of 3 surges and give your self a 2 minute break. Repeat that 2 more times and you are DONE for the day! 12 min workout, with amazing results!

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